Old school GNU glue

Say we have a bunch of text files each containing a column of non-negative numerical values that we want to log-transform (base-10): for i in `ls *.txt`; do echo $i; awk ‘{system(“calc \”log(“$1″ + 1)\” | sed -e \”s/^[\t~]*//\””);}’ $i > $i.transformed; done Slow, but it seems to work in a pinch.

Regression testing of SHA-1 signatures via command-line

I wrote a data extraction utility which uses PolarSSL to export a Base64-encoded SHA-1 digest of some internal metadata (a string of JSON-formatted data), to help validate archive integrity: $ unstarch –sha1-signature .foo 7HkOxDUBJd2rU/CQ/zigR84MPTc= So far, so good. But now I want to validate that the metadata are being digested correctly through some independent means, […]